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Personal Information

Gábor Borgulya MD MSc, London

Research & Development

  • London (United Kingdom (Great Britain))

Nationality: Hungarian

  • biostatistics
  • medicine
  • informatics
  • biomedical engineering
  • consulting
  • innovation
  • creative
  • research
  • programming
  • statistics
Work Experiences
04/2012 - 06/2012

Team Leader - Statistics

Abacus International (6 Talisman Business Centre, Talisman Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6HR, United Kingdom)

Pharmaceutical Industry

Acting as the internal general [etrefcode=7609]statistics[/etrefcode] [olrefcode=6762]consultant[/olrefcode] of Abacus.
Contributing to meta-analysis and network meta-analysis projects (feasibility, Bayesian computation).

01/2010 - 04/2012

Lecturer in Medical Statistics, Head of the St George\'s Clinical Trials Unit

St George\'s, University of London (Cranmer Terrace, London, SW17 0RE, United Kingdom)

Medical research

(1) Providing a [etrefcode=7609]medical statistics[/etrefcode] consulting service for the Division of Clinical Sciences.
(2) Efforts towards forming the Clinical Trials Unit and preparing it for its registration.
(3) [olrefcode=6762]Teaching[/olrefcode] research methods.

I\'m not an employee any more, but I keep contributing to some projects as an external medical statistics consultant.

01/2009 - 11/2009

Programmer in Biomedical Informatics / Visiting Researcher

MRC Centre for Nutritional Epidemiology in Cancer Prevention and Survival (CNC). University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Medical research

Disease endpoint ascertainment using national and multicentric databases in research on the effect of nutrition on the incidence of [etrefcode=7606]chronic diseases[/etrefcode], using [etrefcode=7608]informatics[/etrefcode] and [etrefcode=7609]statistical[/etrefcode] methods.

15/07/2008 - 11/2008

[PART TIME] Researcher biostatistican

Research Group on Inflammation Biology and Immunogenomics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences & the Semmelweis University

Medical research

Bioinformatical and data mining analysis to study the genetic background of the pathophysiological processes of chronic heart disease.

04/01/2008 - 14/03/2008

Research and teaching assistant

Center for Complex Systems Studies, Kalamazoo College, Michigan, USA

Complex systems research

[url=]Research[/url]: Working on a research project that was a collaboration between political scientists and the Center for Complex Systems Studies. In this interdisciplinary setting I was building statistical and agent based models to explain the observed power-law distribution of annual budget changes.
Teaching: Taking part in teaching the [url=]Complex Systems course[/url].

22/05/2006 - 22/11/2007

Researcher biostatistican, scientific associate

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, KFKI RMKI, Department of Biophysics

Biomedical research and development

Within the frame of the [url=]EuResist[/url] EU [url=]FP6 project[/url] I was analysing the international clinical and drug resistance data collection of AIDS patients with data mining and modelling methods to answer the question what was the optimal antiviral drug combination given the HIV virus sequence (and other characteristics of the patient). [url=]1[/url] [url=]2[/url] [url=]3[/url] [url=]4[/url]

Links to the employer: [url=]HAS[/url] [url=]RMKI[/url] [url=]Department of Biophysics[/url]

09/2004 - 08/2005

[PART TIME] Medical Biometry external lecturer

University of Pécs, Hungary, School of Medicine, German Programme

Higher education

Giving Medical Biostatistics lectures and practical lessons to [url=]German speaking[/url] students

12/2002 - 04/2007

[PART TIME] Medical informatics project leader

Semmelweis University of Budapest, 2nd Department of Paediatrics

Health services

“Developing the Internet-based Cancer Registration and Communication System for the Hungarian Paediatric Oncology Network” – an eHealth project funded by the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Communication.
- Developing the system plan [url=]1[/url] [url=]2[/url]
- Coordinating the work of the programmers
- Communicating with the physicians of the [url=]Oncology Network[/url]

03/2002 - 02/2006

Ph.D. studies and research

Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary

Medical research

- Application of informatical and biostatistical methodologies in the research of chronic diseases
- Taking part in the biostatistics education of the Ph.D. students of the Semmelweis University of Budapest

12/2001 - 12/2004

[PART TIME] Biostatistician and medical database developer

National Paediatric Cancer Registry of Hungary

Medical and health system research

- Updating the database structure according to new standards and research needs
- Programming research-related queries
- Biostatistical analyses for clinical epidemiology studies (survival modeling, analyses of incidence, phenotype-genotype associations)

10/2001 - 12/2001

Research volunteer

Center for Neurological Imaging, Harvard University

Medical research

Programming a database of 3D MRI scans with clinical and metadata suitable for feature extraction.

04/2000 - 06/2000

[part time student job] web administrator

Univertsity of Heidelberg, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing

Computing, Software

Keeping the website of the department up-to-date. Simple developments in PHP.

09/1999 - 06/2000

Student research scholar

Karl Ruprecht University of Heidelberg, Kopfklinik, Department of Neuroradiology

Medical research

Development of presurgical functional MRI diagnostic methods.

09/1999 - 06/2000

[part time] night nurse of elderly in their homes

Heidelberger Hauspflegeverein [Home Nursing Union, Heidelberg]


Taking care of sick elderly in their homes.

12/1998 - Present

Biostatistician and scientific programmer

Freelance, self-employed (previously part time, now full time)

Scientific consulting

Consultancy for biomedical researchers and the pharmaceutical industry.
- Statistical design of scientific studies and clinical trials
- Telephone statistics counselling
- Scientific programming
- Data collection [etrefcode=7608]IT solutions[/etrefcode] (databases, work flow, user interface)
- Visualizing data, data mining
- [etrefcode=7609]Statistical[/etrefcode] analysis, modelling
- Reporting, publication quality figures and tables, wording scientific publications
- Giving basic and advanced biostatistics courses.

To see my academic partners see [url=]my list of publications[/url].
My pharma industry partners have been the following: Schering-Plough Budapest, [url=]ConsultArt[/url], [url=]Goodwill Pharma Consulting[/url], [url=]uniqSMO[/url], [url=]Abacus International[/url] and

12/1994 - 12/1995

[part time] Lifeguard

Club of the American Embassy, Budapest


Monitoring the pool and acting if anything dangerous happens. Opening and closing the pool, handling water toys.

04/1994 - 12/1994

[part time] Night telephone dispacther

QBE Atlasz Insurance

Customer Service

Handling the problems of our insured customers in trouble in a foreign country and foreign clients in Hungary. Communicating with the clients, partner companies and medical services.

Education and Training
11/1999 - 09/2004

All courses completed

University of Heidelberg, Germany, Department of Medical Informatics and Biometry, Medical Biostatistics Postgraduate Program [Postgraduelle Ausbildung Medizinische Biometrie]

postgraduate (approximately equivalent to an M.Sc. in Biostatistics)

Biostatistics and clinical epidemiology.

09/1998 - 03/2002

Biomedical Engineer (Master of Science)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics


Medical electronic and optical devices.
Simulation and control of biological processes.

09/1993 - 09/2001

Medical Doctor (M.D.)

Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary, Medical School

University with doctors degree (12 semesters)

General medicine

09/1993 - 06/1997

Engineering Physics studies, uncompleted

Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, Faculty of Sciences


After completing 4 semesters I switched to Biomedical Engineering.

09/1989 - 05/1993

High-school graduation

Nagy Lajos Gimnázium, Pécs, Hungary. Secondary school


General secondary education, 4 years.
Chemistry special classes.

09/1981 - 06/1989

General elementary education with special emphasis on English language, 8 years

JPTE 2. Sz. Gyakorló Általános Iskola, Pécs, Hungary. Elementary school

általános iskola

English language

Personal Skills
Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s)
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Swedish
Personal skills and competences
- Personal time management.

- Grant application writing.
- Working with EU FP5 and FP6 projects.

- Research
I have been involved in the academic research as a student since 1994. In 1999, at the time of my research scholarship in Heidelberg research became the first for me. Since my second degree in 2002, I\'ve been working full time in research/development environments. I am carrying A) independent research as well and B) I contribute in various research groups as a biostatistician.
Number of research papers: 47
Cumulative impact factor: 167.75
Citations: 632 (according to [url=,5&as_ylo=1999]Google Scholar[/url])
Publication list:[url=][/url]

- Teaching
Teaching has been the vocation of multiple generations in my family; me too, I talk to the students confidently and with pleasure. Listing:
1) I have taken part in the biostatistics education of the Ph.D. students of the Semmelweis University of Budapest (teaching in Hungarian).
2) During January 2006 I gave an intensive biostatistics course for the employees of the Institute of Genetics of the Semmelweis (teaching in Hungarian).
3) In the academic year 2004/2005 I was teaching medical biometry at the University of Pécs as well (teaching in German).
4) In the winter trimester of 2008 I worked as a teaching assistant in the Complex Systems course at the Kalamazoo College, Michigan, USA (teaching in English).
5) During April, 2008 I gave a 3 day intensive course on Clinical Biostatistics, focusing on survival analysis to resident physicians and medical specialists at the Semmelweis University, Centre for Professional Development (teaching in Hungarian).
6) I\'ve worked as a Lecturer in Medical Statistics at the St Georges University of London

- Scientific peer review
In 2005–2006 I reviewed papers of JMIR, the open-access eHealth journal and abstracts of the MedNet conference.
Reviewing Hungarian scientific grant applications (OTKA, NKTH).
Communication skills
Living and working in multicultural environments:
- One school-year in Stockholm, Sweden as a TEMPUS stipendiary
- One year of research in Heidelberg, Germany as a student research scholar
- Three months of research in Boston, USA; three months of teaching and research at the Kalamazoo College, MI, USA.
- Working in Cambridge/London, UK since January, 2009.
Organisational / managerial skills
Leadership experiences:
- European Medical Students\' Association, National Co-ordinator for Hungary
- Medical informatics project leader
- Founded the email discussion forum of the PhD students of the Semmelweis University
- Leading my biostatistics / medical informatics consultancy small business

Organising sport programmes:
- Skiing holiday for 40 people
- Outdoor volleyball seasons for 20 people

Project management experiences from informatics and research projects.
Technical skills and competences
- Basic operation of medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner
- Electroencephalography (EEG)
- Chemical laboratory skills
- Experimental physics laboratory skills
Computer skills and competences
- Programming: C++, and the high level object–oriented language Python. Subversion and Git version management, Noweb literate programming.
- Statistics and data processing: R / S-PLUS, SPSS, Statistica, PyMC, SciPy, SAS, STATA, WinBUGS, Matlab
- Scientific image processing: BrainVoyager
- Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, SQLite
- Linux: desktop system administration
- Office applications: Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, Access. OpenOffice, LibreOffice. MindMaps. Encrypted email communication, web publishing, wikis.
- Typesetting and graphics: LaTeX, PyX, the GIMP, Inkscape
- Project management: TaskJuggler, Microsoft Project
Artistic skills and competences
Singing in choir.
Singing and playing a guitar.
Driving licence
1992 European type B (passenger car)
1992 European types T, M and K (certain agricultural vehicles)
See my list of publications at [url=][/url].
Additional information

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